Why do I need a Title 5 Inspection?

This is typically done when you sell or refinance your house.  The purpose of the inspection is to make sure that it is functioning well at the time of the inspection.  You should expect the inspector to start with a quick walk through the house to count rooms, bedrooms, check to see of you have a garbage grinder in the kitchen etc.  This should only take a few minutes.  Most of the work is done outside.  Some inspectors dig up the system with a shovel and others use heavy equipment.  Some inspectors have tracers that could be used to locate components if you don't know where they are.  Some inspectors have a camera that they can run down the pipe to inspect and locate components.  Research is done at the Health Department and the Water Department and finally a report is typed up.  You receive a copy and the Health Department receives a copy.  Local towns may have specific regulations and fees in addition to the state regulations.  All inspectors here are licensed by the state.  You may want to ask the inspector that you hire if they have insurance and how long it will take to get the report.  You may request an unofficial inspection that is not filed with the Health Department.  Prices vary from inspector to inspector, so talk to several before you make a decision.  Click here and enter Title 5 Inspector under Start Here


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